Sinclair is a growing media specialist supplying a fully comprehensive range. With a history dating back 165 years we are at the forefront of Horticulture. Now part of the Westland family we look forward to helping you grow. You can choose from peat based, peat reduced, and peat free growing media. Specialist mixes can be made to grower specifications, incorporating additives, agrochemicals and fertilisers as required. All growing media can be supplied in bags, big bales, IBCs or loose bulk. We also supply a range of perlite, vermiculite and hydroleca and can offer a wide range of fertilisers including Sincrocell controlled release fertiliser, and Sincron+ top dressing fertilisers.

Bridges Road
Ellesmere Port
CH65 4LB

Customer Services: 0151 356 6014
Marketing: 0151 348 6077


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