Bedding Pack Sales Growth



Modiform conducted research in the recycling industry to find out which material should be used to produce bedding packs, that would have the highest chance to be recycled. The result of this research was that a change of material from Black PS to Transparent Green PET needed to be implemented into the industry, and it needed to happen quickly. This new material was also tested with consumer focus groups and then the knowledge was shared through multiple methods of planned communication to the horticultural supply chain, including retailers. The result of this new innovation is that in 2019 6 Supermarkets, 4 DIY Stores, 7 garden centre groups and 16 growers now use this as their only bedding pack offering. The innovation brought a change to a 20year horticultural industry tradition of using black polystyrene plastic packs in the UK. It also brought Modiform 30 new products and new sales of 30million bedding packs, increasing turnover by 15% (around £1million). Also potentially saving 2,000 tones of plastic waste going to landfill.

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