Chapel Cottage Plants

Chapel Cottage Plants are growers of over 4.5 million perennial plants every year. The business has grown from a single acre of land in 1989 to over 30 acres today. The last 2 years have seen continued investment into technology and people. The erection of a new £340,000 propagation house has benefitted the company significantly, allowing our head grower Glenn Dack to bring 85% to 90% of all production in house, giving us much greater flexibility in our growing scheduling and planning putting us in a strong position going ahead. Further staff appointments have been made to keep a strong push on producing good quality plants, especially British lavender, where sales are increasing massively due to the outbreak of Xylella.The company has invested heavily over the last few months into changing all pots and trays over to fully kerbside recyclable materials. All pots are now being produced from post-consumer waste plastic and are NIR detectable so can be disposed of in the general waste chain. A further £30,000 investment into an online web-shop and ERP systems has been made to streamline the admin and ordering processes with the option to bolt on further growing programmes and an ordering app.

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