Composite Prime: eco-friendly decking that does not cost the Earth

Composite Prime


With increased awareness of the damaging effects plastic pollution causes the planet, Yorkshire-based Composite Prime offers a garden solution to ease eco-guilt. The company is the UK's leading supplier of sustainable, composite decking. The products are created from a combination of end-of-life, FSC certified wood and recycled plastic, to produce luxury landscaping that does not cost the Earth. Over the past six months, Composite Prime estimates it has saved the equivalent of 25 million milk bottles otherwise destined for landfill and instead created beautiful, high-end products to supply businesses, homes and gardens. In each square metre, Composite Prime recycles the equivalent of 280 plastic milk bottles to create its modern design twist on a classic garden feature, to form natural, wood-looking products that enjoy several advantages over traditional timber deck counterparts.Composite Prime's products are low maintenance, durable, slip resistant, barefoot safe and environmentally friendly and will change the way we think about our plastic consumption and sourcing wood responsibly.

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