Continuous Improvement

Wildflower Turf


With an award-winning pedigree and recognised as an industry champion, Wildflower Turf Ltd is the UK's leading supplier of unique and innovative wildflower products.Exhibiting robust financial performance driven by the company's recent investment in a new production site, outstanding levels of customer satisfaction, a 'best-in-class' bespoke production system, and a strong affiliation with research and development, Wildflower Turf Ltd aims to be at the forefront of the UK wildflower industry.In the words of the company's Managing Director, James Hewetson-Brown: "Wildflower Turf Ltd aims to connect the customer to biodiversity. In doing so, we need to, not only deliver their needs in terms of wildflower products, but also educate all parties about what a biodiverse habitat is, where to put them, what to expect from them and the benefit they bring to our ecosystem in general. People's needs are often pitted against biodiversity needs, and we are trying to bring an achievable balance between the two, with very accessible, practical solutions. That is our mission!"

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