Happy Plants 'Go Green'

Porters Fuchsias


First UK Grower to introduce Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Carbon Pigment Free (CPF) pots: 400,000 used in 2018 with 3million planned/used for 2019.-First to add a print to the CPF pot, to show its credentials. -First to switch to Modiform's HortWeek Award Winning Eco-Expert compostable moulded fibre tray - 40,000 used 2018 with 110,000 planned for 2019-Commissioned and introduced two brand new PET Bedding packs: 100% kerbside recyclable, made from surplus recycled drinks bottles. Handles also PET to ensure recyclability as a unit.-Switched all carry trays not available through Eco Expert to PCR PET, to boost their recyclability and improve the chances they can be reused, due to the stronger plastic.-94% of garden centre supply now in kerbside compatible recyclable packaging, up from 8% in 2017- represents approximately 300 tonnes per year no longer doomed to landfill-92% of plastics used now made from contents of kerbside post-consumer recycling bins.- Switched to compostable,waterproof board labels for containers.-Revamped compost system including shipping substrates in with lower moisture content, can fit more bales per wagon- equates to 12,000 land miles saved per annum.-Member of HTA Plastics Working Group, sharing best practice across the industry.

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