Hillier Garden Centres

2018 proved to be another successful year of growth for Hillier Garden Centres, with a 3.3% increase in turnover during what turned out to be a challenging year for the industry, with extremes in weather conditions resulting in changes to the traditional buying pattern. Hillier proved themselves to be agile in response to these factors by executing changes to purchasing, merchandising and marketing plans in response to consumer demand and behaviour. This approach led to growth across a number of different categories.This year also saw the launch of a new Mulberry & Thyme Restaurant at Hillier Botley with the implementation of new and innovative technology improving the customer experience. Developments in marketing has enabled the business to talk to its customers more effectively, and 2018 also saw even more success in local community support and projects with a charity garden makeover as well as more in centre events.People are vitally important to Hillier and positive feedback through surveys of both staff and customers prove that Hillier continues to provide excellent levels of service and satisfaction year-after-year.

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