Mansfields - Investing in the Future of British Cherries

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Mansfields was established 50 years ago, when the current owner's father purchased a 20 acre small holding in Kent, the business now covers over 2,500 acres across 20 farms in Kent growing a range of top fruit, strawberries, plums, apricots and cherries. The cherry division of the business has developed at a pace, now producing up to 2,000 tonnes compared to 362 tonnes in 2000 (+452%). The increased production is a result of an extensive planting programme supported by investment in tunnels and customised, sustainable husbandry techniques to protect the orchards and fruit. As well as an industry leading hydrocooling process and an optical grader to ensure maximum quality and shelf life. Mansfields has also invested in training with an interactive Learning Centre built in 2017, delivering comprehensive training in a mocked up live Packhouse. The introduction of the Learning Centre has increased staff retention with a more motivated and happier work force and a safer working environment.Mansfields deserve to win Top Fruit grower of the year as, not only are they producing a significant volume of high quality British cherries they have invested significantly in leading the way in quality and sustainable innovation whilst improving staff welfare.

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