New Leaf Plants

Since Nicole and David have taken over the management of New Leaf Plants the company has been transformed. We believe, very much, for the better. Our staff are our most valued resource and we are working hard to ensure that they are recognised as such. We now have a senior management team consisting of the Directors, Production, Sales and Finance managers which meets monthly. Every member of staff has a job description and we have appointed supervisors to take charge of each area of the business. We have introduced appraisals which has been very positively received. We are developing a learning culture at New Leaf Plants. All supervisors have been involved in workshops to improve communication and teamwork and they now meet weekly. In July 2018 our first apprentice completed his Level 2 Diploma in Work Based Horticulture. Full staff meetings are held every quarter to report on progress made, plans for the future and to reward staff. We are very proud of our staff. We continuously review staff working conditions and company policies in order to maintain high levels of staff welfare. We recognise that staff who feel valued will be more productive and want the business to succeed.

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