RHS-endorsed container tools by Burgon & Ball

Burgon & Ball


Container gardening is a strong and growing trend, with displays featuring in every type of garden, from a cheery splash of colour on an apartment balcony, to a stylish focal point in a large garden. The new RHS-endorsed container gardening tool collection from Burgon & Ball allows retailers to offer their customers a range which makes gardening with pots and containers easier and more pleasurable. Working with containers presents particular challenges to the gardener, and these thoughtfully-designed tools provide the perfect solution. There's a large-capacity collared scoop for fast, mess-free filling. There's a small-headed weeder for targeted weeding in densely-planted displays. And a multi-purpose root and transplanting knife is ideal for freeing plants from pots, slicing through roots if needed, and can also be used for planting and weeding.This range demonstrates innovation not simply in the design of the high-quality tools themselves, but in identifying the container trend, and in developing this problem-solving solution for easy and enjoyable container gardening. The collection of tools deserves to win as it offers something different to the gardener, and retailers stocking this range will see the benefits of being first to market with a new concept.

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