Themed for retail

New Leaf Plants


The ultimate clematis and climbing plant buying and merchandising solution.We all aim for our customers to succeed and pivotal to this is putting the right plant in the right place. How often do we see customers looking for a plant for a purpose? A shaded wall, a new arch to cover or even a climber for growing in a container. These are common frequently asked questions often associated with an ever increasing lack of gardening knowledge. What that customer sees is a run of benches full of a plethora of clematis climbers and wall shrubs. But which one will do what they want? The solution is "Themed for Retail", an easy to understand point-of-sale based buying and merchandising concept. Inspirational point-of-sale boards, bold in design and colour specific to each one of the seven themes; Evergreen Climbers, Fast Growing Climbers, Climbers for Pots, Scented Climbers, Shade Loving Climbers, Sun Loving Climbers and Climbers for Arches. Linked to a bespoke web shop with the functionality to allow the user to order a plant and select which theme(s) they wish to assign to that plant, whilst producing a merchandising plan. "Themed for Retail" is working and working well. 

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