Wonder - Christmas 2018

Tong Garden Centre


Wonder, the Christmas 2018 marketing campaign at Tong Garden Centre was a bold, integrated marketing campaign that, for the first time, included content marketing as a considered, planned and more strategic part of the overall marketing initiative. Bold because we approached television very differently, used digital marketing more ambitiously and created more content to engage, inspire and attract customers to come in store. Integrated because the overall campaign had a strong identity that worked across all platforms and set clear objectives that the Christmas marketing campaign could work with the commercial team to achieve. Furthermore, we set out to be an authority at Christmas time and we feel that we made huge strides forward in building on this strategy for the future.We saw growth in sales of Christmas departments in the period 1.9 to 24.12.18 increasing by 4.1% against budget and 19.4% versus 2017; storewide sales up by 12.7% and an average transaction spend increasing by 57p compared to the previous year. However, the biggest reward in marketing terms was the growth in online audience and acquisition, reassuring us that creation of online content to drive footfall is set to become a key driver in our activity going forward.

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