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Artemis Tree Services

Artemis Tree Services have been established since 1998, Artemis have worked consistently hard on providing a service that makes us arboriculture company of choice in our area. Artemis Tree Services were appointed as an Arboriculture approved contractor in 2013 with a turnover of just £359,000 and 9 staff, since then Artemis have g...

Clock House Farm - Driving Innovation

Berry Gardens

As one of the largest soft fruit farms in the UK, Clock House Farm with its united management team continues to push the boundaries of innovation, driving change with unrivalled experience, expertise and passion.Recent Achievements: Complete refurbishment of redundant production sites within short time scales to produce consistent high ...

Mansfields - Investing in the Future of British Cherries

Berry Gardens

Mansfields was established 50 years ago, when the current owner's father purchased a 20 acre small holding in Kent, the business now covers over 2,500 acres across 20 farms in Kent growing a range of top fruit, strawberries, plums, apricots and cherries. The cherry division of the business has developed at a pace, no...

Westlands Farm - Best British Berries in Six Months

Berry Gardens

Westlands is a mixed family farm, situated in southern Hampshire. Up until 2017, it had traditional livestock enterprises that supply its own Farm Shop and cafe, together with an arable farming business that consisted of a mixture of owned land and contract farming arrangements. The business is managed on a daily basis by the Collett fa...

Bridge Farm Group

The Bridge Farm Group's growth has been dramatic since 2012. Two small family business have been combined and developed by an entrepreneurial young member of one of those families, David Ball, into 4 key brands forming a high-tech, cost effective and cutting edge horticultural group with a £24.7m turnover, achieved in just...

Bridge Farm Group

Neame Lea Nursery was a bedding nursery based in Gosberton, Spalding, which was set up by Malcolm Barney 40 years ago. In 2010 Malcolm sadly passed away, however, his family wanted the business to continue to be run with the same commitment and passion that Malcolm had for horticulture and decided to sell the business to David Ball ...

Dryopteris wallichiana ‘Jurassic Gold’ HOLLASIC

Genesis Plant Marketing

A new cultivar of Dryopteris discovered on a nursery near the Jurassic coast of Dorset. This fern has a beautiful colouring to the new foliage which emerges very bright golden orange. As the fronds mature the colour fades to a lighter shade. Height 60-75 centimetres tall and Width 45-60 centimetres. 

Hillier Garden Centres

Hillier Garden Centres

2018 proved to be another successful year of growth for Hillier Garden Centres, with a 3.3% increase in turnover during what turned out to be a challenging year for the industry, with extremes in weather conditions resulting in changes to the traditional buying pattern. Hillier proved themselves to be agile in response to these factors by e...

Task Force Transparent Green


Modiform conducted research in the recycling industry to find out which material should be used to produce bedding packs, that would have the highest chance to be recycled. The result of this research was that a change of material from Black PS to Transparent Green PET needed to be implemented into the industry, and it needed to happen quic...

Nursery Stock Grower

New Leaf Plants

New Leaf Plants is a leading producer of clematis and climbing plants in the UK. We acquired our new nursery in 2015 and have invested £2.25m in state of art production facilities. This has been achieved by running a profitable business with the backing of our finance partner who understand our vision, have faith in our management skills ...

Happy Plants 'Go Green'

Porters Fuchsias

First UK Grower to introduce Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Carbon Pigment Free (CPF) pots: 400,000 used in 2018 with 3million planned/used for 2019.-First to add a print to the CPF pot, to show its credentials. -First to switch to Modiform's HortWeek Award Winning Eco-Expert compostable moulded fibre tray - 40,000 used 2018 with 110&...

The Orange Tree Cafe/Restaurant

Pugh's Garden Village

The Orange Tree Cafe Restaurant is an entire 4,000 square foot Extension/New Build plus Outdoor Seating, Lawn and Children's Play Area which, after 12 months of extremely hard work conducted by Pugh's Construction Team and with designs by our Visual Merchandisers and Nicola Pugh, opened on 20th February 2018. It has since ce...

The Old Moat Garden Centre and Café – Helping Plants & People Grow!

Richmond Fellowship

Based in Epsom, Surrey, The Old Moat Garden Centre and Café has achieved a tremendous amount of positive change in the past two years. A bold £850,000 redevelopment plan was agreed with its parent charity, Richmond Fellowship* following the end of NHS funding. Thanks to the belief and determination of a small team ...


Syngenta Flowers

IMARA™: STRONG AND RESISTANT!The gardener's favourite is back and is stronger than ever! IMARA™ has brought back Busy Lizzies (impatiens walleriana) to the market - even more resistant to downy mildew than ever before. There is MORE! With a full colour range, and outstanding garden performance in sun, shade, rain or...

Variety and Versatility – a multi-faceted approach to customer service


Tendercare has developed a range of events and service offers, each designed for specific groups within its diverse client community that includes trade & retail customer, designers & landscapers.

Vitacress: One Team, One Goal

Vitacress Salads

Vitacress is one of Europe's leading suppliers of fresh produce. We're a group of people whose combined expertise brings end-to-end capability, allowing us to deliver our goal of providing the freshest, tastiest, healthiest and most exciting produce throughout the year. The team at Vitacress rose to the challenges of the extreme...


Greenyard UK Ltd and Worldwide Fruit Ltd

Kissabel® I'm red inside'. Over 20 years ago, IFO a group of passionate breeders in France started to cross cultivated apple varieties with wild red fleshed selections on a quest to produce an apple that is truly unique. After multiple crosses and 4 generations, the first selections were commercialised - offering the consum...

Tim Stockwell, Barnsmuir Farm

Angus Soft Fruits

Tim Stockwell and his family moved to Fife in the nineties to grow cereals and vegetables, and decided to start growing 5 acres of soft fruit in 2005. Each year they expanded their strawberry production and along the way added Raspberries, Blackberries and most recently Blueberries to their portfolio. Now Tim grows 160 acres of soft fruit! ...

Chapel Cottage Plants

Chapel Cottage Plants are growers of over 4.5 million perennial plants every year. The business has grown from a single acre of land in 1989 to over 30 acres today. The last 2 years have seen continued investment into technology and people. The erection of a new £340,000 propagation house has benefitted the company significantly, allo...

Hibiscus Starburst Chiffon


Hibiscus Starburst Chiffon is the beautiful bi-coloured double-flower Hibiscus from the breeder Dr Roderick Woods. This low maintenance shrub has wonderful impact with the striking patterning to the large flowers. Top selling points of Starburst Chiffon include:- Striking bi-colour patterning, Prolific flowering, Low maintenance & Doubl...

Nemesia Lady Penelope


Nemesia Lady Penelope is the new bi-coloured Nemesia from the world leading breeding programme of Martine Tellwright at The Farplants Group. Martine has always had an interest in this beautiful plant and her breeding work has been instrumental in growing the popularity of Nemesias. Her focus has always been on improving the flowering period, ha...

Quality at our roots

Huntapac Produce

Huntapac has seen considerable development and growth over the last 8 years. These changes have been brought about to align the business to the challenges and opportunities that face the industry.

Pöppelmann Blue® recycled post-consumer material: A sustainable closed-loop approach

Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG

Closing material loops enabled by Pöppelmann Blue. Our ressource-saving approach targets the utilization of recycled PCR material which is sourced out of kerbside collected waste: Being out of 100% recycled PCR plastics and to 100% recyclable. Finally, plant pots thrown into the recycling bin at home can be re-processed to its origin purpo...

Wonder - Christmas 2018

Tong Garden Centre

Wonder, the Christmas 2018 marketing campaign at Tong Garden Centre was a bold, integrated marketing campaign that, for the first time, included content marketing as a considered, planned and more strategic part of the overall marketing initiative. Bold because we approached television very differently, used digital marketin...

Bloomin Amazing

West Country Soil Improvement

Bloomin Amazing has become well established in a highly competitive growing media market. Strong sustainability credentials, consumer insight & customer feedback have all contributed to business success

Bionema Limited

Business has used innovation to develop a product which has the potential to benefits all mankind. Applying naturally occurring organisms to help minimise pesticides clearly a positive step forward in crop protection industry.

RHS-endorsed container tools by Burgon & Ball

Burgon & Ball

Container gardening is a strong and growing trend, with displays featuring in every type of garden, from a cheery splash of colour on an apartment balcony, to a stylish focal point in a large garden. The new RHS-endorsed container gardening tool collection from Burgon & Ball allows retailers to offer their customers a range which ma...

Composite Prime: eco-friendly decking that does not cost the Earth

Composite Prime

With increased awareness of the damaging effects plastic pollution causes the planet, Yorkshire-based Composite Prime offers a garden solution to ease eco-guilt. The company is the UK's leading supplier of sustainable, composite decking. The products are created from a combination of end-of-life, FSC certified wood and recycled plas...

Farplants mobile-friendly web portal


Key Achievements:- Mobile-friendly web portal with real-time stock availability- Secures stock instantly once added to the basket- Fully designed and built in-house- Web sales achieved 3% of total garden centre orders in the first full monthSummary We have transformed plant ordering for our customers with our mobile-friendly web portal. Drawing on ...

Innovation and Growth at Farplants


The Farplants Group Founded in 1972, the co-operative group has grown to now supply over 1100 garden outlets throughout the UK, growing over 11 million plants a year. Retailers can choose from over 2000 varieties, all of which have been selected for their outstanding performance, sell-through and bench appeal. The West Sussex co-ope...

Buddleja ‘Butterfly Tower’ TOBUD1305

Genesis Plant Marketing

Buddleja 'Butterfly Tower' TOBUD1305Buddleja 'Butterfly Tower' is a new development in Buddleja breeding with an upright columnar habit not seen before in Buddleja.

Carpinus betulus 'Rockhampton Red' LOCHGLOW

Genesis Plant Marketing

This tree was a discovery that started as one seedling in a batch of several thousand Carpinus at the forestry nursery of Geoff and Pattie Locke in Rockhampton, Gloucestershire. Many years of background work has taken place to bring the variety into production both in the UK and Europe with the first sales taking place in 2018 and significant p...

Salvia gregii ‘Amethyst Lips’ DYSPURP

Genesis Plant Marketing

This is a hardy Salvia with a long flowering period making it a fantastic plant for Patio containers and the perennial garden border. The plant has proven winter hardiness surviving last year's 'beast from the east' cold weather fronts up on the north Norfolk coast and performing well through the long hot summer on the sandy soils in th...

Restaurant Extension at Hillier Garden Centre Botley

Hillier Garden Centres

2018 was an exciting year for Hillier Restaurants. In March 2018, a year after acquiring the cafe in its previous form at its Botley Garden Centre, Hillier unveiled a brand-new restaurant. The existing cafe was transformed in to the third Mulberry & Thyme branded restaurant to be added to the Hillier portfolio. An extension of...

Majestic Trees

The 2017-2018 financial year was one of capacity building at Majestic Trees. With committed effort from all departments, the company has positioned itself ready for a major period of growth.

Bedding Pack Sales Growth


Modiform conducted research in the recycling industry to find out which material should be used to produce bedding packs, that would have the highest chance to be recycled. The result of this research was that a change of material from Black PS to Transparent Green PET needed to be implemented into the industry, and it needed to happen quic...

Transparent Green PET


Modiform conducted research in the recycling industry to find out which material should be used to produce bedding packs in that would have the highest chance to be recycled. The result of this research was that a change of material from Black PS to Transparent Green PET needed to be implemented into the industry, and it needed to happen quickl...

New Leaf Plants

Since Nicole and David have taken over the management of New Leaf Plants the company has been transformed. We believe, very much, for the better. Our staff are our most valued resource and we are working hard to ensure that they are recognised as such. We now have a senior management team consisting of the Directors, Production, Sal...

Themed for retail

New Leaf Plants

The ultimate clematis and climbing plant buying and merchandising solution.We all aim for our customers to succeed and pivotal to this is putting the right plant in the right place. How often do we see customers looking for a plant for a purpose? A shaded wall, a new arch to cover or even a climber for growing in a container. These are common f...

Notcutts Rivendell Garden Centre


During 2017 Notcutts undertook an extensive redevelopment of its Rivendell Garden Centre in Widnes. The aim was to create a modern environment for customers to enjoy and to make the garden centre a destination experience. The whole garden centre has been completely transformed with a modern bright retail area, a larger fresh modern restaurant&#...

Happy Plants

Porters Fuchsias

Now primary Supplier to 6 major groupsAlso supply almost 200 independent centresDoubled number of permanent staffTurnover increased from 2.06 million to 4.25million, in two yearsTaken on a second site, doubling our acreage and still fighting for space to accommodate ordersTrailblazers of the recycling movement through 'Happy Plants Go G...

Osteospermum Purple Sun

Porters Fuchsias

Fleuro Select Winner 2018/19- Demand far outweighs availability to date- Commands attention from across the room- Unique, ombre flowers move from soft orange to violet- Exceptional variety from a growers point of view: demonstrates fantastic branching, uniformity and root development- Our stock sold out on pre-order by word of mouth alone- ...

Power in Partnerships – a retail innovation


In response to changing horticultural retail markets, Tendercare has created gardens where carefully selected commercial partners are invited to display lifestyle products within inspirational settings

The Food Hall Refurbishment

Tong Garden Centre

When Tong was acquired in 2015, its food offering was a neglected shelf of discounted standard grocery items. Part of our new owners' strategy to return Tong to its former glory was the introduction of a Food Hall that would champion quality fresh and local produce with a strong value proposition. Owners, Tom and Mark, invested in a...

Continuous Improvement

Wildflower Turf

With an award-winning pedigree and recognised as an industry champion, Wildflower Turf Ltd is the UK's leading supplier of unique and innovative wildflower products.Exhibiting robust financial performance driven by the company's recent investment in a new production site, outstanding levels of customer satisfaction, a 'best-...

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