Bathgate Horticulture

Bathgate Horticulture


Bathgate Horticulture has developed a comprehensive range of more than 30 horticultural products aimed at professional growers, garden retailers, landscapers and gardening enthusiasts.

Made with the finest ingredients and using the latest technology, each product is precision blended and regularly tested, to ensure they are consistent and high quality.

Bathgate Horticulture’s product range includes a wide variety of composts, top soil, lawn and sports turf top dressing, farm manure, play sand and decorative stone. The company also offers an award-winning premium Champions Blend Compost, that’s produced to a unique formulation, to optimise growth and improve resistance to disease.

With an experienced technical support team and offering a prompt nationwide delivery service for quantities ranging from a single pallet through to a full load, Bathgate Horticulture are building a reputation on delivering the highest levels of customer service.

Bathgate Horticulture is part of Bathgate Silica Sand, an independently-owned company that has been established for more than 100 years and is part of the Bathgate Group.


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