Desch Plantpak

Desch Plantpak are specialist thermoform and injection moulding manufacturers of plastic packaging for the horticulture sector. We work with four production locations in the Netherlands and in the UK and one partner location in Germany.

In all our businesses we work with full automatic thermoforming machines, fed with PP (polypropylene), PS (polystyrene), PET and biopolymer foil. With a total capacity of roughly 30,000 tonnes of product readily available, Desch Plantpak is one of the leading thermoforming companies in the horticulture industry.

RECOVER is the very latest product line from Desch; an addition to the standard recycled products in the Desch range as a result of demands from the market. Desch purchases post-consumer plastic waste to produce RECOVER. RECOVER products have their own distinctive colour, which makes them easy to separate them from the waste stream after use and during waste processing. We can then recycle them again. It means that RECOVER is a completely circular product. Made from recycled plastic, and endlessly recyclable.

Our UK manufacturing plant, Mundon, Essex, has undergone a £multi-million investment over the last few years and now boasts some of the most modern injection moulded and thermoforming equipment within our Industry – from inside and outside the UK, we are ‘working together’ and reacting to the many changes that the current market demands!

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